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Doolsileep is a Renown Heart NPC found underwater just north of the Viathan Lake vista. Help the quaggans protect the village, and Doolsileep will become a karma merchant.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Recipe sheet masterwork spear.png Recipe: Moogooloo Harpoon Recipe sheet Masterwork 168 Karma.png
Recipe sheet masterwork trident.png Recipe: Moogooloo Trident Recipe sheet Masterwork 168 Karma.png
Recipe sheet masterwork harpoon gun.png Recipe: Moogooloo Speargun Recipe sheet Masterwork 168 Karma.png
Petrified Ectoplasm.png Doolsileep's Seashell Charm Accessory Fine 23 231 Karma.png
Crude Salvage Kit.png Crude Salvage Kit Salvage kit Basic 28 Karma.png
Moogooloo Friendship Bracelet.png Moogooloo Friendship Bracelet Trophy Exotic 4,998 Karma.png


For previous dialogue, go here.

Incomplete heart (map icon).png Coo! Glowy krait are mostly gone now, but many quaggans are still lost in the lake. Can you help find them? Or at least find quaggans some tasty crab meat to eat?
Talk give option tango.png I have some food for you!
Incomplete heart (map icon).png Coo! Quaggan is very appreciative!
Talk back option tango.png Is there anything else I can do?
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome.
Talk more option tango.png Tell me more about the missing quaggans.
Incomplete heart (map icon).png Many quaggans wandered into the ruins of the tower, looking for food and other things. Some of them never returned. You could help quaggans by finding them in the debris of the tower.
Talk end option tango.png That sounds terrible. I'll help.
Talk more option tango.png Crabmeat?
Incomplete heart (map icon).png Quaggans' traps survived the tower's collapse and must be full of tasty crabs by now. If you bring back that crabmeat, you could help feed displaced quaggans.
Talk end option tango.png I'll see what I can find.
Talk end option tango.png I'll see what I can do.
Complete heart (map icon).png You protect quaggans! Quaggans will remember you forever.
Karma.png What have you got for sale?
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome.