Defend the kite basket of supplies from the Inquest

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Defend the kite basket of supplies from the Inquest

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defend the kite basket of supplies from the Inquest is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs in Dry Top. Players must aid Plume and fend off marauding Inquest, attempting to steal supplies from the kite basket.


  • Event swords (tango icon).png Inquest Morale
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Supplies remaining: X/?
  • Bonus favor if the Inquest steal no supplies


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


The Basket event becomes much easier when you realize that the majority of the enemies that spawn are there to distract you.

Depending on how many players are there, there will be one, two, or three baskets you have to defend. The event becomes kind of nuts when it scales up to three baskets so try not to do that. More than two or three people and you are just making it harder on yourself.

When the event starts, among many other enemies, Inquest Technicians will periodically spawn. These guys won't attack you: they walk directly to the basket, crouch down for about 7 seconds, stand up and make a sarcastic comment, then walk directly to their portal. Your job in this event is to shut down the Inquest Technicians before they can reach the portal. Use knock backs and stuns to keep them from the basket as long as possible and use burst damage once they get there. Crippling them will interrupt their crouch once they've reached the basket.

Don't waste anything but auto attacks on the other enemies, save every crowd control and burst damage skill you have for the Inquest Technicians.

Plume, the NPC that fights in this event, can be helpful too; she has a knock back attack that she sometimes uses on Inquest Technicians that is very helpful. When there is no Technician to focus on, try auto attacking whatever mob is attacking her to keep her alive. This is a low priority though, always keep an eye out for and focus on Inquest Technicians. Bonus favor is lost the moment a Technician retrieves supplies from a Basket, regardless of whether they make it back to the portal or not.

If you do this you should be able to solo it with bonus favor nearly every time.





Upon event failure
Plume: It would seem our misfortune continues.
Upon event completion
Plume: Aspects bless you.
Plume: You've been a great help to us. What's ours is yours.


When supply is taken from a Basket
Don't mind if I do.
Property of the Inquest now.
Well, if you're not using it...
I'll give this a good home.
Finders, keepers.
The possibilities are incalculable.
One more for me.
(snort) (chuckle)
Just what I was looking for.