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Ambient dialogue at Challenger Cliffs from past Living World releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Before Seeds of Truth[edit]

Explorer Savio: Wonder what the Pact is planning to do about Mordremoth, and when they might act on it.
Explorer Kitabu: I wonder what people think about Trahearne right now. I know he's a hero, know.
Explorer Amoxtli: There you go again. Two sylvari become corrupted and dangerous, and you're suspicious of all of them?
Explorer Savio: Come on now. It's not as if we're at Fort Trinity. We're just explorers out at the fringes, thinking out loud.
Explorer Amoxtli: The marshal is a good man. He helped cleanse Orr, and fought on the front lines against Zhaitan.
Explorer Savio: You make a good point. We don't matter in the scheme of things anyway.
Explorer Kitabu: Well, Steward Gixx did choose us to be among the first to explore this region.
Explorer Amoxtli: Everyone matters in the scheme of things. The Sun shines the same on all of us.
Explorer Savio: Aw. We like you too. Still friends?
Explorer Amoxtli: Of course. It's been an honor to be here with both of you.
Explorer Savio: It's a shame poor Susie couldn't make it out here with us.
Explorer Kitabu: There was no way to teach that dolyak the Zephyrite skills to get up this high.
Explorer Savio: At least we got a couple of meals out of her.
Explorer Amoxtli: (gasp) You said that was llama meat!
Explorer Kitabu: No one's seen Mordrem shambling around Tyria in thousands of years. We're seeing something our ancestors never got to.
Explorer Savio: Oh, lucky us! What a time to be alive.
Explorer Amoxtli: Growing up in Caledon, I saw all I ever wanted to see of Zhaitan's minions.
Explorer Savio: I've tangled with destroyers and icebrood in my travels. They weren't much fun, either.
Explorer Kitabu: Makes you wonder what the other ones would be like.
Explorer Savio: Four sets of minions aren't enough for you?
Explorer Savio: Looks like we're committed to continuing west, if you believe the stories about waypoints in Brisban being knocked out. It'd be a long trek back to the Priory on foot now.
Explorer Kitabu: Were you still thinking of turning back after all we've been through?
Explorer Savio: There has to be some big discussions going on back east - about how to deal with you-know-what, our friend in the jungle ahead.
Explorer Savio: Just thought they might have appreciated more information.
Explorer Amoxtli: Then we owe it to them to gather even more knowledge, for as long as we can.
Explorer Savio: I just remembered something. Weren't there stories about Scarlet having studied alchemy with your people?
Explorer Amoxtli: You're wondering if I ever met Scarlet? Don't you think I would have mentioned that before now?
Explorer Amoxtli: If she did spend time with my people it was some other tribe. Not Zopatl.
Explorer Savio: Sorry, just a stray thought.
Explorer Savio: We better keep an eye on this one.
Explorer Kitabu: (laugh)
Explorer Kitabu: So a mad sylvari terrorizes Tyria for half a year, and then another mad sylvari brings down the Zephryite
ship right next to her former home.
Explorer Savio: Yeah. I think I understand now why Gixx opted not to send a sylvari along on our mission.
Explorer Kitabu: I'd thought their people were singularly incorruptible. We all did...
Explorer Amoxtli: Shame on both of you. Where I grew up, there were noble, kind sylvari and cruel, twisted sylvari, as is true of any race of Tyria.
Explorer Amoxtli: Isn't it true that your people are also capable of great good and terrible evils?
Explorer Savio: Okay, okay. I admit we don't know enough about what's going on…yet. Better?
Explorer Amoxtli: I suppose.
Explorer Kitabu: Still…
Explorer Savio: Why do you think Gixx sent you out here with us?
Explorer Amoxtli: Are you asking why sent a hylek?
Explorer Savio: Nooo, of course not.
Explorer Savio: Okay, what if I was asking that? Only pretend I worded it more delicately.
Explorer Amoxtli: (laugh) There are legends among my people of lost tribes in the Maguuma Jungle, tribes that may have valuable ancient knowlege
Explorer Kitabu: The steward sent you here as an emissary.
Explorer Savio: (grunt) He's a clever old cuss. I bet he was worried the two of us might've screwed up a rare opportunity like that.
Explorer Kitabu: Well, you would have, for sure.
Explorer Kitabu: In your interviews with crash survivors, did either of you get the impression that they were hiding something?
Explorer Amoxtli: What could those people have to hide? Everything they had is lost in these sands. They have nothing now.
Explorer Kitabu: That's just it, though. I feel like they had something else besides the crystals we've been helping them recover. Something they don't want to share.
Explorer Savio: Something like what?
Explorer Kitabu: I'm not sure. Think about it, though. Why was that sylvari saboteur chasing after their Master of Peace down here on the ground?
Explorer Kitabu: What if their master took something away from the crash? Something the saboteur wanted to get his hands on.
Explorer Savio: Or maybe he just wanted to finish the job. He wasn't in his right mind, remember.