Captain's Log

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Captain's Log

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Harrowed Sea
(Cursed Shore)
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The Captain's Log is found in the depths of the Harrowed Sea. Reading it gives a hero point.


Hero point empty.png A sharkskin bound book rests on what is left of the ship's chart table. The markings on the front identify it as the ship captain's log.
Talk more option tango.png Open the book.
Hero point empty.png "Just took on new crew at Shank Anchorage. The new helmsman shows particular promise. Lithe, sinewy body with an insolent little pug nose and a backside that..."
Talk more option tango.png Skip to the last few pages.
Hero point empty.png "It seems that every night the horrid sounds of the battle onshore grow more intense. The roars, the shouts, the screams that start as piercing shrieks, then slowly fade until death chokes them off."
Talk more option tango.png Continue reading.
Hero point empty.png "It's impossible to tell from here who has the upper hand, the entrenched humans or the invading charr. I can only thank the stars we're at sea where the devastation can't reach us."
Talk end option tango.png This is the last entry. Return the book to the table.
Talk end option tango.png Close the logbook.
Talk end option tango.png Close the logbook.
Talk end option tango.png Leave the book alone out of respect for the dead.