Bloodstone Fen Master

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Bloodstone Fen Master is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to gain the Bloodstone Fen Hero medal, a requirement for creating Aurora. This collection is one of seven in the Aurora: Awakening achievement set.


Bloodstone Fen Master Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 12 items to prove your mastery over Bloodstone Fen.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Bloodstone Fen Hero.png Bloodstone Fen Hero
Collected 12 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Bloodstone Crown.png Bloodstone Crown Complete Out of the Shadows Mastery.
Bloodstone Chip.png Bloodstone Chip Mined from bloodstone crystals.
Hablion's Dignity.png Hablion's Dignity Obtained after defeating ghostly Justiciar Hablion.
White Mantle Crest.png White Mantle Crest Dropped by White Mantle in Bloodstone Fen.
Jade Core.png Jade Core Dropped by jade constructs in Bloodstone Fen.
Frozen Winterberry.png Aged Ectoplasm Dropped by ghosts in Bloodstone Fen.
Living Bloodstone.png Living Bloodstone Dropped by bloodstone elementals in Bloodstone Fen.
Pristine Blood Ruby.png Pristine Blood Ruby Sold by Natto in Bloodstone Fen.
Strange Residue.png Strange Residue Gathered from unbound magic nodes in Bloodstone Fen.
Aerial Assault.png Aerial Assault Obtained by killing enemies with gliding skills in Bloodstone Fen.
Rift Residue.png Rift Residue Dropped from enemies near unstable rifts.
Shattered Guardian Binding.png Shattered Guardian Binding Obtained after defeating the Unbound Guardian.