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Not much more to say, since this is all the lore we have on her. --- Ohaider!-- talkpage 14:25, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

Well, obviously. Cress Arvein User Cress Arvein sig.JPG 23:34, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

40 years?[edit]

It seems to me that it would be more like 400 years, because Balthea was 200 years before the searing, and Kalla was 200 years after EotN. Thrain User Naoroji GW1-Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Talk 18:38, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Bathea's time was shortly after the arrival of the Titans to the Charr (the arrival happened 200 years prior to the Searing *870 AE*), Kalla happened 40 years after the events of Eye of the North (1118 AE). Reading the 40 years part, ("It wasn't until Kalla Scorchrazor, granddaughter of Pyre Fierceshot, overthrew the Flame Legion 40 years later that female Charr were released from this oppression and allowed back on the battlefield, as equal members of Charr society.") It looks as if it was taken right from the Ecology, not reworded at all - and if it was reworded, done so poorly. Rewording for it to be 40 years after the start of the rebellion against the Shaman Caste. And Thrain, may I ask how Kalla would be 200 years after EN if she's the grand-cub of Pyre, and when it states 40 years after Pyre's initial rebellion? :P -- Konig Des Todes 22:10, 20 July 2009 (UTC)


" When the Shaman caste accepted the titans as gods for the charr, creating the Shaman caste " has awkward wording. However, I am not sure how to make the sentence less awkward. Suggestions? --Qubicneter 19:15, 11 August 2012 (UTC)

I've reworded this sentence and others - sound any better? pling User Pling sig.png 20:53, 11 August 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, that sounds good, and I've reworded it further to add the needed break here. Does that work? --Qubicneter 01:04, 12 August 2012 (UTC)
Yep. pling User Pling sig.png 01:13, 12 August 2012 (UTC)