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Introducing ACoin™ and the Guild Wars 2 Wiki 3.0™!!!! [edit]

Hello to our contributors, visitors, and prospective investors alike!!

It is with great pleasure that we finally get to talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes of our beloved wiki. Many of you may have noticed over the past year that the wiki has been experiencing many updates with plenty of unfortunate downtime. So much so that our total downtime has now surpassed that of the game itself! Eeek! But with each update, we’ve been expanding our backend (haven’t we all?) and designing the necessary infrastructure to allow for our wiki’s greatest advancement ever:


That’s right, the Guild Wars 2 Wiki has partnered up with ANet to create a brand new currency, seamlessly tying your real world to the Tyria we all love and enjoy!

For those interested in getting started right away, Click here to invest now!!!

How it will work[edit]

ACoin™ is a currency that has been designed at its core to have value both in-game and out in the real world. Unlike most new currencies, we're prioritizing stability and equality to separate ourselves from the typical get-rich-quick schemes. Our unique partnership with ANet has allowed us to back the value ACoins™ with Gems Gem, minimizing long-term volatility in the market. A hard-earned ACoin™ minted today should have a similar value tomorrow!

So how do you get your hands on an ACoin™? Glad you asked! ACoins™ can be minted through the mining of JadeSlivers™. You'll also be able to trade for ACoins™ on Anet's proprietary market currently in development, JadeSea™. For our part, the wiki team has been hard at work finalizing the EventChain™, which will track all your transactions in order to give you the highest level of comfort and security for your investments.

Each of these key aspects are detailed below.


JadeSlivers™ are the first step of the journey to enriching your lives, turning unused CPU cycles into Gold Gold coin!!!

Many of you may have noticed that wiki pages do not always fully load when you open them. This feature was prematurely added to the wiki's backend as we've been preparing for the launch of the Guild Wars 2 Wiki 3.0™. Once the project goes live, each page you visit on the wiki will request a portion of your computer's CPU to run an inane algorithm. Upon receipt of the solution, the wiki's server will send the remaining portion of the page along with a prescribed amount of JadeSlivers™.

The greatest number of JadeSlivers™ is intended to be mined through the editing of wiki articles and talk pages. The bigger the edit, the more JadeSlivers™ assigned!!!

Once you have accrued enough JadeSlivers™, the wiki will automatically use them to mint an ACoin™ on your behalf. It's important to note that JadeSlivers™ can only be awarded to wiki accounts! All JadeSlivers™ mined through visiting or editing the wiki while logged out of a wiki account will be assigned to a general coffer, and any ACoins™ minted from that coffer will be spent by the wiki admin on the wiki's behalf.


The JadeSea™ is where the true Tyrian magic begins!

As the development of the End of Dragons expansion wound down, ANet turned its programming prowess toward designing an integrated market for ACoin™ investors. While the initial supply of ACoins™ will be tied solely to wiki accounts, the launch of JadeSea™ will allow investors to trade their ACoins™ for their stabilizing currency, Gems Gem. The JadeSea™ market will be accessible through the same Gem Store panel that we're all used to investing with, so no need to adjust your habits!!

The second phase of JadeSea™ will launch a couple of months later, and this is where early investors had better hold on tight!!! The JadeSea™ market will become accessible out of game and allow for investors to use any real world currency, such as USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro, and maybe even the British Pound!

That's right, the JadeSea™ will allow for your wiki editing and browsing habits to earn you cash both in-game and in real life!!


While ANet has been working hard on developing the JadeSea™ exchange market, the wiki team has been developing the means of tracking the exchange. We want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure knowing where their ACoins™ have been spent.

Over the last year and a half, our hard working SysAdmin, Justin Lloyd, has been bringing our wiki into the new world by developing Guild Wars 2 Wiki 3.0™ and its integrated program, the EventChain™. Taking cues from our Recent Changes page, investors and lookie-loos will be able to track the buying, selling, and minting of ACoins™, as well as follow the viewing habits of our visitors as they mine their own JadeSlivers™.

Now our regular RC watchers will have another page to constantly refresh when the wiki is having a slow day!!!

What it means for you[edit]

This great opportunity means for you as much as you're willing to invest!

If you're a regular user of the wiki, make sure you're logged in to your wiki account while browsing. Your computer will automatically mine JadeSlivers™ for you, turning your junk CPU cycles into hard earned Gold Gold coin, Gems Gem, or any other currency you trade for on the JadeSea™ market!!

For our active editors, we suggest you GO BIG OR GO HOME!! The bigger the edit, the more JadeSlivers™ you mine, and therefore more ACoins™ that you can mint!! We're currently hosting 110,226 articles, and we know we can do more!!!

How we got here[edit]

We all know how hard the last couple of years have been, and the transition to working from home has taught many of us—including the wiki admin team—many valuable lessons. No longer was the admin team able to fly out each week to meet in-person to discuss wiki politics over dinner and drinks. Zoom sessions became the norm, and our travel budget was left used. We were told that if we didn't spend the money we were allocated, then ANet would cut it from the next year's budget. So, we looked for a novel investment.

An idea[edit]

It should come as no surprise that after the forth or fifth meeting over Zoom, we all found it was very easy to open up Twitter, read Reddit, or even play some Guild Wars 2 while others were talking. It occurred to us that our computers had plenty of processing power left unused while we were doing other menial tasks. What if, we dared to ask, our computers could be put to better use? What if we could have our computers work while we patrolled the wiki?

A few iterations later, and what would become ACoin™ began to germinate in our minds. What we needed next was someone who could help grow this seed of an idea.

A leader[edit]

Colin Johanson.jpg

As only a fragment of a thought with no practical application, ACoin™ needed a visionary—a person who could see farther than all others.

When faced with doubters and naysayers, ACoin™ needed a charmer—someone who could flash their pearly whites and brighten up our days.

While lost in the haze of moral ambiguity, ACoin™ needed a leader—a person whom others would follow blindly, even if their smile were the cause of any visual impairments.

From its conception, ACoin™ needed Colin Johanson.

ANet reached out to Colin at first on the wiki's behalf, and then as partners on this incredible venture. After a month or so of contract and priority trading rights negotiations, Colin hopped onboard and has taken the reins ever since. So it is with great pleasure that—for the first time in years—we clear up all speculation of Colin Johanson's role at ANet. The wiki admin is proud to introduce you to the new CEO of JadeSea™!

With Colin's smile on our side, the future of our investors is truly bright!

Where we're going[edit]

Key steps still need to be taken in the coming months. The first process to turn on will be the accumulation of JadeSlivers™, which is planned to start next week. Once the initial investment seed money has been tallied up, we'll allow for accounts with the greatest number of JadeSlivers™ to begin minting ACoins™. If all goes well, ANet is looking at the launch of the JadeSea™ exchange to be in August or soon™, whichever comes first.

What will be of true importance and value to our community of investors is that ACoin™ does not stay in a closed market. Even the Canthans know how important it is to trade with the wider world! JadeSea™ will first be launching in-game to ensure that we have a stable market. During that time, players may trade their ACoins™ for Gems Gem and vice versa. Only when we're confident that we've got the balance just right will we allow other currencies to be traded on JadeSea™.

With access to other markets and currencies, players will be able to trade in their Gold Gold coin for Gems Gem, for ACoins™, and then for real world goods!! At last, you can get paid for all the hard work you've put into playing Guild Wars 2. You can actually turn saving Tyria into your full time job!!

How you can get involved[edit]

Create an account![edit]

Whether contributing or browsing the wiki, we can only reward JadeSlivers™ to wiki accounts! JadeSlivers™ earned by anonymous editors and visitors will be assigned to a community account and used by the wiki admin to spend on resources and potential future upgrades. You can gain JadeSlivers™ just by browsing! So make sure to do so while signed in!

Start contributing!![edit]

Remember, the bigger the edit, the more you get rewarded! You can track your contributions by clicking this link while logged in.

Not sure how to contribute? Why don’t you take a look at some of our top contributors for inspiration!

They’re definitely going to have a head start on mining JadeSlivers™ and minting ACoins™!!!

Invite your friends!!![edit]

The wiki has always been community focused, and how better to build a community than to invite your friends to join? Linking your wiki accounts together will allow a portion of your friend’s mined JadeSlivers™ to be attributed to your account instead! But your friends shouldn’t worry, as they should be encouraged to invite friends of their own!!

Investment tiers!!!![edit]

As with all investments, it's important for us to reward those who invest big and invest early. We also want to thank those who have done the most for the wiki as a whole. We decided to group investors into four tiers, Basic, Master, Ascended, and Legendary, which come with their own benefits as described below.

Each investor tier will gain a unique in-game title, complete with jade colored text. Use these titles to spark interest amongst other players! Remember, you gain a portion of the JadeSlivers™ mined by those you invite to the program!

Since we're backing the strength of ACoins™ with Gems Gem, ANet has gone back to rethink the original currency exchange. Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, all players have been trading Gems Gem for Gold Gold coin and back with a 15% exchange fee, constantly draining the value of both. In order to promote investment and thank those who invest early, ANet has graciously decided to lower the exchange fee for those who will use it the most!!

Excited to chase this jade rabbit to the moon?! See below for details on how YOU can become part of this incredibly enriching project and the benefits you'll gain!!!

Basic Master Ascended Legendary
  • Create a wiki account
  • Purchase one or more Guild Wars 2 expansions on Steam; OR
  • Gain Extended Editor rights on the wiki; OR
  • Invest 500 Gold coin prior to the launch of JadeSea™
  • Gain Sysop rights on the wiki; OR
  • Invest 2000 Gold coin prior to the launch of JadeSea™
  • Gain Bureaucrat rights on the wiki; OR
  • Invest 5000 Gold coin prior to the launch of JadeSea™
In-game title
Jade Miner
Master Jade Miner
Ascended Jade Miner
Legendary Jade Miner
Gold-Gem exchange fee

Get started NOW!!!![edit]

Chest of Gems.jpg

Become a founding member of the ACoin™ community by staking your claim! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for you, your friends, family, coworkers, and guildmates! The initial value of ACoins™ depends on how much is pledged, so act before you're left behind like a B-Tier NPC!

In order to ride this jade rabbit to the Moon, you'll need to log in to your Guild Wars 2 account. Two avenues of investment are currently available.

  1. While in-game, open up the Gem Store panel, (default O). Underneath the Black Lion Trading Company icon you should see a new tab for ACoin™ Investment.
    • Make sure you are in either Lion's Arch or Arborstone, as those are our two main in-game commercial hubs.
    • Investments of either Gold Gold coin or Gems Gem can be made using the Gem Store.
  2. While signed in to the forums, head to Players Helping Players and follow the steps in the ACoin™ subsection.
    • Your account must be in good standing on the forums for you to invest in this manner.
    • Only Gold Gold coin can currently be pledged via the forums.

Using either method, you'll be asked how much you wish to pledge for your initial investment. ANet will, on behalf of the wiki, remove the amount pledged from your account and transfer it to our escrow agent. Once the total initial investments have been gathered, we'll be able to properly set the value of ACoin™.

Further information[edit]


If none of the above has any appeal to you, the wiki and ArenaNet have already partnered up on a very successful—and currently operational—project: On Wiki of Gold. We encourage you to turn your edits into Gold Gold coin and Gems Gem in a much more conventional manner!!

Special thanks[edit]

We'd like to send out a special thanks to those who have helped launch Guild Wars 2 Wiki 3.0™.