Airborne mode

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Airborne mode is a gameplay mode applied when players are up in the air. On zones in PvE, characters can deploy their glider when in mid-air. While airborne, players may explore and engage in limited combat but will have gravity applied to them. Airborne mode will end when the player touches the ground.

The airborne environment in Heart of Maguuma maps contains updrafts and ley lines which can be used to gain altitude if the player has mastered Updraft Use and Ley Line Gliding, respectively.

Airborne gear[edit]

Each character is automatically provided a glider once they have learned the Glider Basics, and can pick individual glider skins to customize their look. This has no effect on any stats or the movement of the player.

Airborne combat[edit]

The equipped weapon and utility skills cannot be used while airborne. However, some bundles have skills usable while airborne. Examples include Exalted Bombs and the skills gained by using a Launch Pad during Slay the Shatterer. These bundle skills tend to only be usable in airborne mode. Enemies with ranged attacks can hit players that are airborne but can be dodged normally. Control effects will end gliding and send the player towards the ground, potentially incurring falling damage.