Ability (NPC)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the text description of NPC's abilities. For player character's abilites, see Skill. For WvW ability points system, see World Experience.
"Dazes" indicates that this foe can Daze.

Abilities are descriptive text that appears under a creature's health bar. For most NPCs, this texts indicates some of the conditions, boons, or other effects the NPC may use in combat.

These abilities do not always match the generic name of an effect, and do not always match each other. For example, the ability "Flies" in some creatures (such as imps) indicates that they can evade attacks with an animation that makes them 'fly' in place, but in others (such as harpies using bows) it refers to their ability to completely disappear from sight, becoming invisible, and invulnerable for a short time, with an animation that makes them look as if they flew up high out from sight. And so, "flies" can mean "evades" or "becomes invulnerable" depending on the creature.

For player characters, instead of the abilities description, the section under their health bar shows the currently selected title.