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Siege weapons are environmental weapons used in WvW. They are fixed to their build site location, except for siege golems (which can be moved). These weapons can only be used by the team that created them; opponents can attack (and damage) the objects. Important for both offense and defense in World versus World combat, Siege weapons are often the key to winning an otherwise impossible battle.

When placed, a build site is created and requires players to use supply to complete before it is usable. The progress is indicated by a yellow life bar. The build site can take damage during this time, and the more damage it takes, the more supply you will need to reach completion. If the build site is destroyed, the siege weapon and all supply used on it is lost.

Siege weapons can hit more targets than player skills can: either 10 or 50 targets depending on the weapon[1] compared to the limit of five for player skills.

Types of siege weapons[edit]

Castle under attack of siege weapons.

There are seven types of siege weapons that players can build. Siege weapons require the corresponding blueprint to place, which can be bought from a Siege Master, obtained as a reward from the end chests in the WvW jumping puzzles or looted as a rare drop from NPCs.

Each type has a superior version available, which deals 50% extra damage at the cost of requiring slightly more supply to complete. The exception is the Alpha Siege Golem, which upgrades to the Omega Siege Golem, a ranged version with improved skills. Superior blueprints must be created at the Mystic Forge and purchased from certain vendors.

All siege weapons have guild versions, which are equivalent to the superior version, except they need less Supply to construct. They may be activated directly through guild storage tab, "consumables" sub-section. Some may also be purchased from vendors.

Stationary and self-propelled siege weapons[edit]

The available siege weapons are:

Type Supply Cost Range AoE Limit Description
Basic Superior Guild
Flame Ram 40 Supply.png 50 Supply.png 40 Supply.png 360 50 Deals heavy damage to gates.
Arrow Cart 40 Supply.png 50 Supply.png 40 Supply.png 2500 50 Deals lethal area damage to infantry.
Ballista 30 Supply.png 40 Supply.png 30 Supply.png 3000 10 Deals heavy single target damage to siege equipment and infantry.
Catapult 40 Supply.png 50 Supply.png 40 Supply.png 4000 50 Deals heavy area damage to walls and moderate damage to gates.
Trebuchet 100 Supply.png 120 Supply.png 100 Supply.png 10,000 50 Deals heavy area damage to walls and moderate damage to gates.
Siege Golem 100 Supply.png 150 Supply.png 50 Supply.png 225 10 Deals heavy damage to gates. The only mobile siege weapon.
Shield Generator 40 Supply.png 50 Supply.png 40 Supply.png 2200 1 Project force fields to disrupt enemy movement and support allies.

1 3300 range for Superior and 3750 range for Guild shield generators.

Structural siege weapons[edit]

Siege Golem and Burning Oil used to defend Castle walls.

Towers, keeps and Stonemist Castle can be upgraded to have their own defensive siege weapons. These are stationary on the objective and must be obtained as an objective upgrade by holding the objective for a certain length of time.

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Details: "Heart of Thorns replaced purchased structure upgrades with time-based objective upgrades; tables needs to be updated"
Type Supply Cost Range AoE Limit Description
Burning Oil 50 Supply.png 600 50 Deals heavy area damage to infantry.
Cannon 50 Supply.png 3,750 50 Deals heavy area damage to infantry.
Mortar 50 Supply.png 9,400 50 Deals heavy area damage to siege equipment and infantry.

Once the upgrade is complete, the siege weapons will appear on the objective. If they are destroyed, a build site will spawn after a period of time to allow the weapon to be rebuilt by players.

Related world abilities[edit]

Siege Bunker
Siege Might
  • 2% increased damage with siege weapons for each World Ability Rank with a maximum of 10%.
Build Mastery
  • Spend 4..10 supply at a time when building siege
Supply Master
  • Deployed siege sites are invulnerable for a short duration.


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Siege weapon.
  • The player who placed the siege weapon is considered its owner. While any ally can use the siege weapon, the owner can take control of the weapon at any time.
  • As of the 9th July 2013 update, siege blueprints are no longer account bound, and can be mailed and traded on the trade post. Existing blueprints were converted to tradable ones after acquiring a new blueprint of that type.
  • Siege blueprints can be dropped on the ground for other players to pick up by using the weapon swap key when holding the blueprint bundle. Players from other worlds can also pick up the bundle.
  • Character-specific offensive attributes (like power and precision) have no effect on siege weapon performance.
  • WXP upgrades have no effect on siege weapon performance outside of the World versus World environment.

Siege weapons despawning[edit]

Player-placed siege weapons despawn if they are not manned for 60 minutes (15 minutes for Flame Ram). The time remaining is shown by the Siege Decay Timer effect on the weapon; players can reset it by briefly manning the weapon.

Build sites for siege initially have a despawn timer of 2 minutes. Every time a player contributes supply to the build site, the timer is reset to 10 minutes.

Structural siege weapons and build sites do not despawn.

Siege weapon map limit[edit]

There are two basic hard limits to siege placement.

There is a limit to how many siege weapons can be placed within a certain radius of each other. 5 weapons (sites or completed weapons) can be set within any 1000 unit radius. If players try to place a new site somewhere within a radius that already has hit its limit, the placement will fail but the player will retain the weapon bundle in their hands.

There is also a hard limit to how many weapons can be placed on the map. This map limit is explained by Mike Ferguson of ArenaNet as "basically anything that is not a ram counts towards one ‘limit’ for the purpose of this explanation and each team can have up to 100 of these types of weapons out at any time per map. Each team can also have up to 100 rams placed on a map."[2] There is also a cap to the number of golems that can be made, which is a value of 65.[3]

Siege weapon blocked[edit]

While in Sanctuary areas, the effect Siege Deployment Blocked prevents siege weapon construction.

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