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Riding Broom

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Riding Broom.png

Riding Broom

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Travel: Double-click to equip a bundle that can change how you move around the world.

— In-game description

Riding Broom is a gizmo that can be used to "fly" around on a broomstick. It does not increase the speed of the player. The five races ride the broom in five different ways.

[edit] Skills

Skill Recharge Description
Ride Broom.png
 Ride Broom
7 Recharge time Jump on your broom and ride around.

[edit] Notes

"Dodge" meter is drained to zero and does not recharge while riding the broom. Dodge will return to charging upon dismounting from the broom, which leads to being at a disadvantage if immediately entering combat. Plan riding use accordingly until it is corrected.
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