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Zoofioo is the eldest quaggan living in Gooloopa Deeps.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Hoo! You are either a very skinny quaggan or you're...not a quaggan. Quaggan's eyes aren't what they used to be. Speak. Who are you?
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My name is <Character name>. You've been here a long time?
Quaggan is eldest of all quaggans here, a direct descendant of Khoofallaloo, the ancestor. Many here are quaggan's grand-tads, great-grand tads, great-great grand tads, great-great-great-grand—
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I see what you mean. How long has Sorrow's Eclipse been here?
Since long before any quaggan alive will remember. Of course, the name of quaggans' village is Gooloopa Deeps. The sanctuary is Sorrow's Eclipse, but quaggans don't haggle over the small things.
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Gooloopa Deeps, it is then. Tell me, why do you stay here?
This is quaggans' ancestral home. Quaggans cannot abandon it to the Svanir nor to the degradation of time. The day when no quaggan lives in Gooloopa Deeps will be the day all quaggans are dead.
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How did the alliance between you and the kodan come about?
The kodan have always been here, in the above space. Quaggans protect their underside. They protect quaggans' topside. The alliance has not always been easy, but since the arrival of the Svanir...
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It's doubly important.
Yes, and so quaggans work hard to understand and respect the kodan, and they mostly do the same for quaggans. They're training some quaggans to be flamebearers, and that will help.
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It will help. Strong alliances will keep us all safer. Good-bye now.
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I understand your fervor. And I wish you luck.