Zephyrite Color Swatch: Red

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Zephyrite Color Swatch- Red.png

Zephyrite Color Swatch: Red

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

36178, 77577

Double-click to open and choose a nonexclusive dye from the red spectrum.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Statuette/historical Black Lion Statuette (vendor currently unavailable) Black Lion Statuette
Gem Store/historical Gem Store (vendor currently unavailable) 250 Gem

Contained in[edit]


This achievement rewards items. Better Red Than Dead Echoes of the Past 15Achievement points
Defeat the facet of light without using blue or green attunements.Story Instance: Hidden Arcana
Reward: Zephyrite Color Swatch- Red.pngZephyrite Color Swatch: Red
Defeated the Facet of Light Only With Red Attunement 15Achievement points


  • Upon opening, the player can select one of the following:

Color Dye Price
Black Cherry Dye
Black Cherry Dye (choice)
Blood Dye
Blood Dye (choice)
Burgundy Dye
Burgundy Dye (choice)
Cotton Candy Dye
Cotton Candy Dye (choice)
Dusky Dye
Dusky Dye (choice)
Hot Pink Dye
Hot Pink Dye (choice)
Lipstick Dye
Lipstick Dye (choice)
Maroon Dye
Maroon Dye (choice)
Midnight Red Dye
Midnight Red Dye (choice)
Oxblood Dye
Oxblood Dye (choice)
Primrose Dye
Primrose Dye (choice)
Rose Tint Dye
Rose Tint Dye (choice)
Warmth Dye
Warmth Dye (choice)
Color Dye Price
Cherry Dye
Cherry Dye (choice)
Coral Dye
Coral Dye (choice)
Crush Dye
Crush Dye (choice)
Demure Dye
Demure Dye (choice)
Evening Red Dye
Evening Red Dye (choice)
Flush Dye
Flush Dye (choice)
Fuchsia Dye
Fuchsia Dye (choice)
Heather Dye
Heather Dye (choice)
Heirloom Dye
Heirloom Dye (choice)
Lifesblood Dye
Lifesblood Dye (choice)
Midnight Rose Dye
Midnight Rose Dye (choice)
Mullberry Dye
Mullberry Dye (choice)
Pink Dye
Pink Dye (choice)
Pink Tint Dye
Pink Tint Dye (choice)
Remembrance Dye
Remembrance Dye (choice)
Rose Shade Dye
Rose Shade Dye (choice)
Ruby Dye
Ruby Dye (choice)
Sunrise Breeze Dye
Sunrise Breeze Dye (choice)
Wrath Dye
Wrath Dye (choice)
Color Dye Price
Adobe Sunset Dye
Adobe Sunset Dye (choice)
Chestnut Dye
Chestnut Dye (choice)
Humiliation Dye
Humiliation Dye (choice)
Lava Dye
Lava Dye (choice)
Pale Dye
Pale Dye (choice)
Pastel Peach Dye
Pastel Peach Dye (choice)
Pastel Pink Dye
Pastel Pink Dye (choice)
Pastel Rose Dye
Pastel Rose Dye (choice)
Persephone Dye
Persephone Dye (choice)
Pink Ice Dye
Pink Ice Dye (choice)
Red Dye
Red Dye (choice)
Rose Breeze Dye
Rose Breeze Dye (choice)
Rose Ice Dye
Rose Ice Dye (choice)
Scarlet Dye
Scarlet Dye (choice)
Spitfire Dye
Spitfire Dye (choice)
Strawberry Breeze Dye
Strawberry Breeze Dye (choice)
Strawberry Dye
Strawberry Dye (choice)
Tulip Dye
Tulip Dye (choice)

Gem Store history[edit]