Zephyrite Color Swatch: Green

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Zephyrite Color Swatch- Green.png

Zephyrite Color Swatch: Green

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

36177, 77625

Double-click to open and choose a nonexclusive dye from the green color spectrum.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Statuette/historical Black Lion Statuette (vendor currently unavailable) Black Lion Statuette
Gem Store/historical Gem Store (vendor currently unavailable) 250 Gem

Contained in[edit]


  • Upon opening, the player can select one of the following:

Color Dye Price
Ceylon Dye
Ceylon Dye (choice)
Crisp Mint Dye
Crisp Mint Dye (choice)
Emerald Dye
Emerald Dye (choice)
Evening Grass Dye
Evening Grass Dye (choice)
Green Apple Dye
Green Apple Dye (choice)
Mint Frost Dye
Mint Frost Dye (choice)
Sage Dye
Sage Dye (choice)
Spearmint Dye
Spearmint Dye (choice)
Spring Dye
Spring Dye (choice)
Spring Grass Dye
Spring Grass Dye (choice)
Color Dye Price
Aqua Tint Dye
Aqua Tint Dye (choice)
Avocado Dye
Avocado Dye (choice)
Celery Dye
Celery Dye (choice)
Envy Dye
Envy Dye (choice)
Evergreen Dye
Evergreen Dye (choice)
Fern Dye
Fern Dye (choice)
Grass Dye
Grass Dye (choice)
Kelly Dye
Kelly Dye (choice)
Lime Dye
Lime Dye (choice)
Midnight Green Dye
Midnight Green Dye (choice)
Midnight Teal Dye
Midnight Teal Dye (choice)
Midnight Yew Dye
Midnight Yew Dye (choice)
Mint Dye
Mint Dye (choice)
Mint Ice Dye
Mint Ice Dye (choice)
Olive Oil Dye
Olive Oil Dye (choice)
Pastel Lime Dye
Pastel Lime Dye (choice)
Pine Dye
Pine Dye (choice)
Quickstalk Dye
Quickstalk Dye (choice)
Sour Apple Dye
Sour Apple Dye (choice)
Sprig Dye
Sprig Dye (choice)
Summer Grass Dye
Summer Grass Dye (choice)
Tea Shade Dye
Tea Shade Dye (choice)
Viridian Dye
Viridian Dye (choice)
Zest Dye
Zest Dye (choice)
Color Dye Price
Antique Olive Dye
Antique Olive Dye (choice)
Bronze Dye
Bronze Dye (choice)
Cucumber Dye
Cucumber Dye (choice)
Dark Olive Dye
Dark Olive Dye (choice)
Fresh Green Dye
Fresh Green Dye (choice)
Freshen Dye
Freshen Dye (choice)
Grape Leaf Dye
Grape Leaf Dye (choice)
Green Dye
Green Dye (choice)
Green Shade Dye
Green Shade Dye (choice)
Key Lime Dye
Key Lime Dye (choice)
Leprechaun Dye
Leprechaun Dye (choice)
Lime Breeze Dye
Lime Breeze Dye (choice)
Lime Ice Dye
Lime Ice Dye (choice)
Marine Dye
Marine Dye (choice)
Midnight Olive Dye
Midnight Olive Dye (choice)
Mint Breeze Dye
Mint Breeze Dye (choice)
Mintay Dye
Mintay Dye (choice)
Mist Dye
Mist Dye (choice)
Morning Sea Dye
Morning Sea Dye (choice)
Moss Dye
Moss Dye (choice)
Olive Dye
Olive Dye (choice)
Olive Ice Dye
Olive Ice Dye (choice)
Olive Shade Dye
Olive Shade Dye (choice)
Olive Tint Dye
Olive Tint Dye (choice)
Olive Yew Dye
Olive Yew Dye (choice)
Pastel Mint Dye
Pastel Mint Dye (choice)
Pastel Olive Dye
Pastel Olive Dye (choice)
Shale Dye
Shale Dye (choice)
Sour Dye
Sour Dye (choice)
Spite Dye
Spite Dye (choice)
Spring Breeze Dye
Spring Breeze Dye (choice)
Spring Leaf Dye
Spring Leaf Dye (choice)
Spring Moss Dye
Spring Moss Dye (choice)
Sprout Dye
Sprout Dye (choice)
Stem Dye
Stem Dye (choice)
Wasabi Dye
Wasabi Dye (choice)
Wintermint Dye
Wintermint Dye (choice)

Gem Store history[edit]