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Thank you for saving me. Here, I'll show you the way to a new place.

— Villager

Villagers are allies found inside the first two zones of a world in Super Adventure Box. They have been taken captive by Lord Vanquish and are found being held in Cages. Upon freeing them they will transport the player to the next zone, becoming shopkeepers in the starting area of it.

They can also be found within the zone selection houses, where they allow the player to access Normal Mode.


Maguuma Jungle


In the zone selection houses
World #
Vote for the zone you wish to play in, and your party will be teleported there.
Talk ready option.png Zone 1.
Talk ready option.png Zone 2. (If you have completed Zone 1 in Normal Mode)
Talk ready option.png Zone 3. (If you have completed Zone 2 in Normal Mode)
Talk end option tango.png We need more time to decide.


  • The NPC at the start of Rapids as well as the NPC outside the first ice wall in Storm Top were both originally referred to "Villager" overhead, even though the chatbox showed them as "Shopkeeper" and "Helpful Friend" respectively. This was partially fixed in 2017 where both NPCs' overhead names were updated to match their names in chat from 2016, however the NPC in Rapid's name switched to "Villager" in the chatbox.