Veteran Fleshgrazer

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Veteran Fleshgrazer

Veteran Fleshgrazer is the final boss within the Forsaken Halls mini-dungeon. It primarily strikes from the shadows and periodically puts out braziers lit with magical flames, allowing the smaller Shadow Skelk to attack.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Shadowsteps
  • Slash - Basic melee attack
  • Swipe -
  • Breathe Fire -
  • Vanish - gains Stealth.png Stealth and teleports behind the target
    • Redirect Arrow.png Ambush Ambush - Stealth Attack. Attack your foe from the shadows, striking for double damage if you hit from behind.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Fleshgrazer's Magic.png Fleshgrazer's Magic
(only drops if the HOPE IV: The Catalyst collection is active)
Trophy Exotic 11
Hiding from the Light.png Hiding from the Light
(only drops if the Meteorlogicus III: Storm collection is active)
Trophy Exotic 1

1The player must have an activated Dwarven Spell Trap.