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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Wiki page! A little bit about me and my personal life - I'm an only child and I love gaming. I have many other hobbies as well, including reading and writing, but I'm first and foremost an avid gamer. And yes, that is a girl gamer!

Hobbies & Interests
I have several different hobbies and interests. I love to read and write, and I love animals. I spend most of my time on the computer, whether it be making things or playing games. I also enjoy watching TV and listening to music. I've written several Guild Wars fan fiction novels and made over 70 Guild Wars videos, which can be seen on YouTube under xoxardnekoxo.

I am a firm believer in animal rights, and my favorite animal is the wolf, with the turtle coming in close behind.

My favorite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, Ninja Turtles, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, and CSI. I enjoyed watching Power Rangers and Full House as a kid, and I still sometimes watch them too. Music, I listen to anything that sounds good. Books, I love Meg Cabot books as well as the Twilight series, Lois Duncan and Joan Lowery Nixon books, and a few select others, such as Blood and Chocolate, The Princess and the Pauper, Carrie, and The Earth, My Butt, & Other Big Round Things. Movies, I have too huge a selection to list, but if it's good I'll watch it.

Guild Wars Favorites:
Profession: Ranger
Campaign: Factions
Race: Norn
Animal: White Wolf

Real Life Favorites:
Color: Spiceberry/Plum
Author: Meg Cabot
TV shows: The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory
Anime: InuYasha
Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The rest (movies, music, books, etc.) include too many to list.

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