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About Me[edit]

Hello All! Woot GW2 WIKI... I'm excited. But yeah i am BrandyLynn aka Dj Kelli aka Anolie. I'm a very outgoing busy Person. I played Guild Wars since Beta and working forward to the second game and hope i get beta again.. *crosses fingers*

Also i like to give out bobo.

Races i Plan on Playing in this order:

  • Sylvari (Female Elementalist)Anolie's Decendent
  • Norn (Male Warrior)
  • Asuran (Female Assassin Equvilant)
  • Human (Female Cleric/Monk)
  • Charr (Male Undecided)

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About Guild Wars 2[edit]

So i'm Pretty Excited about this

CenterElementalist 08 concept art.jpg

"Fire, Air, Earth and Water. I can deal death with any of them."

With FIRE attunement, the elementalist can inflict scorching damage on multiple enemies by turning the ground to fire or raining down molten rock from the skies. Why kill just one enemy when you can burn them all? Just by attuning to fire, the elementalist automatically causes flame damage to any foe foolish enough to touch her.

How To Reach Me[edit]

You can reach me through My talk page on this wiki.

Or by E mail