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I have dabbled in wikis before, but have never really done some serious editing until now.
I am a Canadian gamer girl, and in my free time I draw paint sculpt you name it and if it's artistic I probably do it.

In game I'm a Sylvari Thief and usually whenever starting out in a game I drift towards rogues in general. (Rogue in WoW, Diablo and Dragon Age, Assassin in Diablo 2, Demon hunter in Diablo 3. You get the idea)
I am an explorer when it comes to MMOs, so GW2 is great for me since now I get rewarded for my implusive mountain climbing.

I usually only do PvE and I play on Crystal Desert.

What I edit in the GW2 Wiki[edit]

I'm an adventurer and find there are a lot of missing quests in the wiki. So I've decided to help flesh out the personal storyline section of the wiki.
Hopefully my edits will be useful for those trying to decide what path to take in their story.

Mistress Syrei
Lilith Ailo