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My Mythological Doppelganger

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Who is the Sleepy Gamer?

My real name is Maria and I am a married mother of 2 teenage daughters, I have had a problem with sleep since back in my teens (hence the Sleepy) and have been playing computer games since I got my Amstrad back when the Giganticus Lupicus still walked the lands of Tyria (hence the Gamer)

I first played Guild Wars between 2007-2008, I had completed the campaigns in the simple sence of completing all the missions and not wanting to grind for titles I left for another game. At the end of 2010 I returned to the lure of filling my hall of monuments in return for goodies when Guild Wars 2 was released and fell in love with the game all over again.

I have made characters of every class in Guild Wars and my favorite and main character is the Ritualist,
yes I am sad that this wont be open as an option in GW2 =/

I have completed my first goal of collecting 30/50 points in my Hall of Monuments and opening up the freebies,
I am now working towards getting 50/50 in the Hall of Monuments and obtaining the "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals" title on my main character

Guild Wars logo.png Goals
I have achieved 50/50 points in the Hall of Monuments
I have achieved 30/30 titles towards God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals

When Guild Wars 2 is released I think I am planning on making a Sylvari Ranger 1st, this may very likely change when I get to the character creation screen. What i do know for sure is that I will almost definitely end up with one of each, and I plan to use my slots up immediately to be sure they have a maximum gift advantage should they implement the same system and hopefully not delete any this time around.

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