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About me[edit]


My name is Andrew, and I come to Guild Wars 2 with a long history of Guild Wars 1 PvP. My focus in Guild Wars 2 will be primarily PvE, and attempting to explore every square centimeter of Tyria. I'm current playing on the home world Isle of Janthir, a North American world.

Looking forward to contributing as much as I can!

If you notice any glaring flaws in my work, please let me know! My contact information is at the bottom. I want to improve, and constructive criticism is one of the best ways to do so. My goal is, and always will be, to create an impeccable article for everyone to view.

Current projects[edit]

Edit and update ALL explorable areas in Blazeridge Steppes.[edit]

Future projects[edit]

  • Editing and updating ALL explorable area pages for Harathi Hinterlands.

Contact information[edit]

In-game: PhalThrax on Isle of Janthir.


AIM: PhalThrax

Skype: PhalThrax


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