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My preferred classes so far, based on the various previews and wiki content (From most preferred to least preferred):

  1. Mesmer
    This profession was my second favorite in GW 1 and sounds really great so far. Nice spell selection, very nice choice of weapons (I've always hoped they could use torches and pistols). With interrupts and hexes gone, I like how the mesmer evolved. (I sucked at interrupting in GW1, especially in Hard Mode)
  2. Elementalist
    Played this at the Beta weekend and really enjoyed it.
  3. Necromancer
    This was my favorite class in Guild Wars, followed by Mesmer. Graphics are really looking cool. In GW2, I'm still not sure if I'll like it.
  4. Warrior
    I hope the warrior's ranged skills will be more than tools for pulling. If a class has high armor, there must be some drawback elsewhere, right?
  5. Engineer
    Sounds quite interesting so far. I like complex classes, at least as long as I can fall back to a more solid class like warrior when I just want to kill things. I like the idea of exchangeable weapon kits, especially the flame thrower. Not sure yet if the steampunk theme fits the overall game appropiately. Will have to test that in the beta.
  6. Guardian
    I like healer/support types as twinks. Without the "holy trinity", let's see if I see the need for playing a Guardian. Maybe other professions can fill that role as well. His hammer pushback skill (Banish) looks really cool. Still have to play it in one of the coming beta events.
  7. Thief
  8. Ranger