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The criteria used for all the open worlds builds is here.

Open World PvE Warrior Group Build[edit]

GW2Logo new.png GS / Dual Axe Banner Warrior with Assassin Trinket Pieces

Discipline provides Fast Hands for ultra smooth Weapon Swapping between the Hundred Blades and Whirling Axes that build Adrenaline and also provides access to Inspiring Battle Standard, improving banners effectiveness and strengthening your group. Your Heal: "To the Limit!" also provides some Endurance to allies. Tactics: Phalanx Strength shares Might with Allies.

Doubled Standards.png Banners

Might.png Might

  • Sigil of Strength.
  • +50% duration from Rune of Strength.
  • Strength: Forceful Greatsword grants Might on Crit.

Fury.png Fury

  • Cyclone Axe.
  • Signet of Rage.
  • GS Burst Skill - Arcing Slice.


Open World PvE Warrior Solo Builds[edit]

Power Builds[edit]

Damage is dealt directly and takes effect immediately.

GW2Logo new.png GS / Dual Axe Signet Warrior (Solo)

Discipline provides Fast Hands for ultra smooth Weapon Swapping between the Hundred Blades and Whirling Axes that build Adrenaline at an astonishing rate. Throw Bolas also provides Fury due to Arms: Opportunist, Fury also comes from using a Burst skill and the Signet of Rage. Burst skills restore 15 Endurance and inflict Vuln on hit. The Greatsword not only provides Might but also provides a small amount of additional healing and endurance whenever you apply Might to yourself.

Might.png Might

  • Sigil of Strength
  • +50% duration from Rune of Strength.

Fury.png Fury

  • Cyclone Axe.
  • Signet of Rage.
  • GS Burst Skill - Arcing Slice.


  • Dolyak Signet can be swapped out for any other utility as needed,
  • Rampage can be taken for some decent CC.
  • Strength: Berserker’s Power can be taken for a decent damage increase.
  • Tactics variant
  • Defense variant

PoF logo small.png Dual Dagger / Greatsword Spellbreaker

Hitting a target with a Burst skill will activate Spellbreakers Magebane Tether for Might generation. For a good damage burst follow up the Burst Skill with a Physical Skill immediately followed by Bladestorm / Hundred Blades. Everytime you grant yourself Might you also gain a small amount of Health and Endurance. When under pressure use GS - Hundred Blades for a decent burst heal.


Dagger + Axe / Axe + Dagger (Ferocious Axes) Spellbreaker

Might.png Might

  • Strength: Forceful Greatsword grants Might on Crit.
  • +50% duration from Rune of Strength.

Fury.png Fury

  • Signet of Rage.
  • GS Burst Skill - Arcing Slice.

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability

  • Dagger 5 - Bladestorm


  • Axe + Mace can be used if you need more Vulnerability + CC


Condition Builds[edit]

Deals damage over time.

GW2Logo new.png Dual Sword + Longbow Sinister Warrior

Might on Crit. Burst skills and Immob grant Fury. Gain condition damage when you have Fury. Conditions inflicted by Sword skills have a 10% increase in duration. Crits have a 33% Chance to inflict Bleeding and gain a stacking condition damage effect. When you perform a combo finisher the effects are doubled. Dual Shot inflicts Burning.


  • Defense version
  • Balthazar Runes for Burning
  • Adventurer Runes for (Cnd Dmg + Power) with 50% Endurance on Heal
  • Scavenging Runes (Condition Damage + Life Steal)
  • Dire Gear with Undead Runes for more sustain and a small DPS loss.
  • Viper Version

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Sword + Torch / Longbow Viper Berserker

Berserker adds Torch to its condition arsenal for additional burning.


  • Renegade Runes can be used to increase Condition Damage by a further 2%.
  • Trailblazer with Undead Runes for more survivability for a small DPS loss.


Tanking Builds[edit]

These make use of High Toughness (vs direct damage), Vitality (vs Conditions) or Damage Resistance.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Dual Mace / Hammer Stunning Soldier Berserker

You have a 50% Crit Chance against disabled foes along with +10% damage to stunned or knocked down foes in addition to +7% more damage against Weakened Foes. Burst skills have a 100% Crit Chance and grant Fury. Immobilizing your target using the Hammer Berserker Burst: Rupturing Smash also grants additional Fury. While the normal Hammer Burst provides additional Stun. Berserk Mode grants Fury, Quickness and Stability. Stun breaks provide you with extra Healing and up to an additional 1,000 Toughness of 8 seconds.


  • Defense: Armored Attack can increase Power by about 250.
  • Physical / Rage Skills can be taken for additional CC.
  • Valkyrie / Knights Gear are worthwhile considerations.
  • Warrior Version

PoF logo small.png Dual Axes / Greatsword Cavalier Captain Spellbreaker

Might.png Might

Fury.png Fury

  • Signet of Rage.
  • GS Burst Skill - Arcing Slice.

Vulnerability.png Vulnerability


  • Axe + Mace can be used if you need more Vulnerability + CC
  • Defense: Cleansing Ire can be used in Condition heavy areas where the additional Toughness is less beneficial.
  • Rune of the Citadel also increases Fury uptime but lacks the +5% damage increase of the Superior Rune of Rage while under the effect of Fury.


Utility Builds[edit]

Boons / Support / Healing / Condi Cleanse

PoF logo small.png Dagger + Axe / Mace + Shield Commanding Spellbreaker

Plenty of Boon Duration for Might, Fury, Swiftness, Stability, Resistance and Quickness.


  • Mace + Shield can be changed to Axe + Mace for better Vulnerability stacking.
  • Rampage can be taken for CC.



These builds are focused around a particular theme and include gear suggestions (where feasible) for those who appreciate the theme and look of their characters over a dry DPS build.

GW2Logo new.png Hammer / Mace + Axe Zealot Wammo

Based on the original Wammo from GW1 with a focused on helping those around you in the open world with additional self heals from shouts.

Rune Options

  • Monk for +10% Outgoing Healing.
  • Trooper (Vitality, Toughness and shouts remove conditions from allies).
  • Nature’s Bounty (Healing, reduces incoming cnd dur and heal removes a condition from allies).


  • Tactics: Empower Allies can be taken to increase power for allies.
  • Marshall Gear provides a bit more healing for a slight DPS loss.
  • Cleric Gear can be used for more survivability at a significant DPS loss.
  • Bowl of Tapioca Pudding (+200 Heal Power for 10secs on Heal, +10% Outgoing Heals).

GW2Logo new.png Whirling Axe Zealot Wammo

The Whirling Axe Wammo focuses a bit more more on personal damage.

HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Berserker of Balthazar

The Avatar of Balthazar uses the following equipment:

  • Weapon: Royal Ascalonian Greatsword.
  • Armor: Dark Helm Skin, Flame Legion Pauldrons, Heavy Armageddon Breastplate, Draconic Gauntlets, Council Guard Legguards, Draconic Boots, Avatar of Balthazar,


Back Piece


Additional Information[edit]


Swiftness / Movement Skills

  • Swiftness from Signet of Rage.
  • Bull's Charge.
  • GS 3: Whirlwind Attack.
  • GS 5: Rush can be buggy depending on terrain leading to shortened distances or running in place.
  • Any Banner 3: Inspire for Swiftness.
  • Any Banner 4: Sprint for movement boost.

Condi Cleanse

  • Heal: Mending (Warrior) / Natural Healing (Spellbreaker).
  • Utility: Signet of Stamina, “Shake it Off!”
  • Traits: Discipline - Brawler’s Recovery, Defense - Cleansing Ire, Tactics - Quick Breathing (Warhorn) / Shrug It Off, Berserker - Savage Instinct.


  • Stances like Endure Pain
  • Dolyak Signet provides an additional 180 Toughness
  • Blocks, Stun, Daze, Knockdown, Knockback.

Hard CC Skills


  • 4 - Staggering Blow
  • 5 - Backbreaker
  • Burst: Earthshaker


  • 3 - Pommel Bash
  • 5 - Tremor
  • Burst: Skull Crack


  • 5 - Rifle Butt


  • 4 - Shield Bash

Utility Skills

  • “Fear Me!”, Kick, Stomp, Bull’s Charge
  • Berserker Only: Wild Blow
  • Spellbreaker Only: Imminent Threat

Elite Skills

  • Rampage
  • Berserker Only: Bloody Roar Trait, Head Butt
  • Spellbreaker Only: Full Counter

Pro Tip

When wielding a Greatsword you can use GS3 - Whirlwind Attack to avoid a big attack or to get you out of AoE. Follow this up with GS 5 to get yourself back on top of your target.

Note: With each of the Power Signet builds, Strength: Berserker's Power can be changed to Strength: Might Makes Right to help with Survivability.

Signets can be replaced with Banners when part of a group.

  • Signet of Might can be replaced with Banner of Strength.
  • Signet of Fury can be replaced with Banner of Discipline.

Share Banners with Friends without Mounts for the extra Swiftness.