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In Game[edit]

My Builds[edit]

Profession Build Race Gender Craft 1 Craft 2 Level
Thief So Undecided Human Female 400 Leatherworker 400 Huntsman 80
Guardian Guardian Build Human Female 400 Armorsmith 400 Weaponsmith 80
Elementalist Also Undecided Asura Male 400 Artificer 199 Tailor 45
Necromancer Necromancer Build Charr Male 400 Jeweler 400 Chef 34
Mesmer Who Knows Asura Male  ??  ?? 20
Ranger Also Undecided Sylvari Male  ?  ? 0


  • 7/8 Master Crafter
  • Waiting on new legendary weapons, but collecting generic materials
    • Mystic Clovers 34/77
    • T6 Mats 0/250
    • Gift of Mastery: Complete.
    • Glob of Ectoplasm 0/250
    • Gift of Wood/Metal/Energy 0/1


Currently I represent The Toad (Croaaaak), a guild with a focus on well, everything, located in Ehmry Bay. They do a little bit of everything, which is really what I want from a guild. We're welcome to anyone joining us. We do WvW, PvP, and PvE (mainly jumping puzzles) together on a regular basis.


I was in all 3 BWE's and 8 of the stress tests, which was all but 2 hour long ones, merely days before prepurchase release.


I don't do much on here right now.

Information I've gathered and continue to update: (this is not up to date)

Armor Stats
Weapon Stats


My Sandbox All over the place, but mostly focused on crafting related things.

Other Games[edit]

Tribes Ascend (Juicy) --- Inactive
Orcs Must Die 2 (Steam Username "Juicearific") --- Occasional
Vindictus (Juicearific, ROCKBEAST, Juicearific3, Juicedude23, BlueArcher) --- inactive.
Team Fortress 2 (Steam Username "Juicearific") --- Occasional
Call of Duty 4 (Juicy. You can find me under the name "Juicearific" on Xfire.) --- Occasional
League of Legends (Juicearific) --- Active