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In Game[edit]

My Builds[edit]

Very out of date.

Profession Build Race Gender Craft 1 Craft 2 Level
Thief So Undecided Human Female 400 Leatherworker 400 Huntsman 80
Guardian Guardian Build Human Female 400 Armorsmith 400 Weaponsmith 80
Elementalist Also Undecided Asura Male 400 Artificer 199 Tailor 45
Necromancer Necromancer Build Charr Male 400 Jeweler 400 Chef 34
Mesmer Who Knows Asura Male ?? ?? 20
Ranger Also Undecided Sylvari Male ? ? 0


Very outdated. My Sandbox All over the place, but mostly focused on crafting related things.

Very Outdated.
Armor Stats
Weapon Stats