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Unseen Sword (trait skill)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the trait skill. For the trait, see Unseen Sword.

Arcing Slice.png

Unseen Sword

Warrior icon small.png Warrior (trait skill list)
Bladesworn icon small.png Bladesworn
Unseen Sword Unseen Sword
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4 Recharge time  
Unseen Sword

After a delay, deliver a circular attack to foes around you. Increases flow rate if it hits.

Damage.png Damage: 319 (1.2)?
Damage.png Damage: 89 (0.333)?
Positive Flow (gray).png Positive Flow (5s): Gain flow per second.
Radius.png Radius: 240

— In-game description

Related traits[edit]

Bladesworn Bladesworn

Version history[edit]

For a detailed trait history, see here.

Patch Changes
February 28, 2022 End of Dragons release:
  • Unseen Sword has been added to the game.
November 30, 2021
September 21, 2021