Undertaker Diarmad

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Undertaker Diarmad is a sylvari in the Plaza of Grenth. He tends to the graveyard of the city, hence his name.




You are standing quite close. Do you require my attention?
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Are sylvari really born from trees?
I was right! People wearing that expression usually ask questions like this. We are born not of trees, but of the Pale Tree. And yes, I was born much as you see me. It is the soul that ripens in time.
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What do you do here? (Same as below)
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Er, thank you.
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What is it that you do here?
I have been given the job of undertaker, tasked with collecting the empty husks of those who have died and burying them in the soil. Beyond that task, I spend much of my time observing the citizens.
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Isn't that job a bit...morbid?
Morbid describes something gruesome or unwholesome. Many things in this city are not in balance, but I don't believe that this is one of them. Death is no less natural than life.
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Interesting. Thanks for your time.
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Interesting. What is it like?
A bit like placing a seed in the ground though you know it can no longer grow.
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Wow, that's deep. I'll have to, uh, think on that.
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No, I don't think so.


When seen from within Salma District, Diarmad is a female sylvari instead of male.