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Article layout and content copied from Penny Arcade Expo (2008). Also, WTB better writers. Erasculio 23:03, 27 August 2009 (UTC)


Having notes and trivia points referencing PAX in relevant articles is one thing (example: "*Tequatl Rising was unveiled at PAX 2013."), but does the wiki really need an entire page dedicated to PAX just because ANet participates? This really seems to be skirting the bounds of relevancy. Azure Fang (talk) 23:43, 31 August 2013 (UTC)

Yes.--Relyk ~ talk < 04:54, 1 September 2013 (UTC)

Guild Wars 1[edit]

Should we include the expos that they went to that do not include any mention of Guild Wars 2? 2008, for instance, does not have any relevance to GW2. AnastashaRomanov (talk) 07:13, 31 October 2018 (UTC)


I have a picture of Bessie the griffon from the PAX 2018 News page. File:Bessie.jpg. Feel free to add it in. I'm not sure how to make it a reasonable size on the page. AnastashaRomanov (talk) 07:21, 31 October 2018 (UTC)

Infodump from past GW2 official news[edit]

According to Pre-release news/Archive/2007-2009, Pre-release_news/Archives/2011/Jan-March, and Pre-release_news/Archives/2011/July-Sept.


PAX panel videos online[edit]

September 10

Check out the ArenaNet YouTube channel for videos of all ArenaNet panels at the recent Penny Arcade Expo. The topics related to Guild Wars 2 include lore in the Fall of Ascalon book and a Q&A with some of the artists.

Art book give away at PAX[edit]

August 31

If you've got tickets for the sold out Penny Arcade expo this weekend you're in for a chance to pick up the The Art of Guild Wars 2. You also have the chance to find out more on the bridging book Fall of Ascalon and simply pester the ArenaNet staff about Guild Wars 2. Find out more about what is on and when here.


Walking the Walk[edit]

August 10

Mike O'Brien has talked the talk, but now he and the ArenaNet team are ready to walk the walk at GamesCom in Germany and PAX 2010 in Seattle.

Read about the demo and their plans. You can also watch the Manifesto video.

Hands-on Demo[edit]

June 2

ArenaNet announces that they will not be appearing at E3, however they will be doing hands-on demonstrations at Gamescom in Cologne Germany, and Pax Prime in Seattle, USA.

Read more on upcoming game conventions...


Unleashed at PAX East – ArenaNet Travels to Boston with New Demo[edit]

February 2

The days are getting longer, Phil the groundhog has confirmed that we will get an early spring, and there is a certain smell in the air. This can only mean one thing: convention season is upon us! We’re extremely thrilled to kick off the 2011 season by travelling to PAX East to meet our East Coast fans once again! Read more on the ArenaNet blog.

PAX East Ahead![edit]

February 24

In just over two weeks, we’ll descend upon Boston, Massachusetts for PAX East! We recently shared a few details about what we have in store for the event, and now I’m here to let you in on the rest of our plans. We have lots of new demo content to show off. Norn fans are in for a treat, because this demo showcases the norn starter area! Not only that, but the guardian will be playable at PAX East!

Read more on the ArenaNet blog.

Prepare for PAX East and… the Thief![edit]

March 4

We’re going to devote all week next week to talking about the cool new features in our PAX East demo. We’ve already told you that the guardian profession and norn race will be playable, but next week we’re going to get into detail about three other major features in the new demo – crafting, our revamped attribute system, and our new profession, the thief!

Read more and see a sneak peek video on the ArenaNet blog.

PAX East Week Begins![edit]

March 7

Many people will have a chance to play the demo this weekend, getting a firsthand look at the new professions and content. Many more will rely on videos and the impressions written by those who do attend. No matter which category you fall into, this week we’d like to provide you with some context and deeper information about what you’re going to see in the new demo.

Find out what ArenaNet has planned for this week on their blog.

PAX East Preview: Izzy on Attributes and Iteration[edit]

March 8

We often mention iteration in interviews, at trade shows, and here on the blog. But what does it mean when we talk about the iterative process? I’d like to walk you through some changes we’ve made to the Guild Wars 2 attribute system to give you a better idea of our design philosophy.

Read about the iterations to the attribute system on the ArenaNet blog.

PAX East Countdown: A Glimpse of the Thief[edit]

March 10

We're counting the hours until the doors open at PAX East in Boston. We can't wait to meet our fellow gamers and show off the latest Guild Wars 2 demo, which as you all know by now, will feature our latest announced profession: the thief!

Check out the thief renders on the ArenaNet blog.

It's ON! PAX East has begun[edit]

March 11

When the doors opened this morning, Guild Wars 2 fans descended en masse on the three booths of our partners, Alienware, Nvidia, and Logitech, to get their hands on our brand new demo. As you know, we’ve added the thief, the guardian, and the mighty norn to our PAX East demo, and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Read more from David Campbell on the ArenaNet blog

Martin's PAX East Round Up[edit]

March 16

We’ve safely returned from PAX East to ArenaNet World Headquarters here in Seattle, weary but exhilarated after such an incredible show. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights of our PAX East experience with you.

Read Martin's highlights on the ArenaNet blog

Video: The Guild Wars 2 PAX East Panel[edit]

March 25

This year at PAX East ArenaNet hosted a Guild Wars 2 panel in a packed hall full of enthusiastic fans at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. For those who were unable to attend, check out our official video(s) of the panel!

Prepare for Guild Wars 2 at PAX Prime![edit]

August 5

Europe can't have all the fun, so the week after gamescom ArenaNet are bringing the brand new Guild Wars 2 demo to the Penny Arcade Expo, North America's premier video game fan convention! It's all happening from August 26-28 in Seattle, WA.

Read what ArenaNet have planned for PAX on the blog.

The Battle of Kyhlo – Jonathan Sharp on PvP[edit]

August 17

Earlier this week Jon Peters talked about the core structure of PvP in Guild Wars 2. Today, Jonathan Sharp talks about the first map ArenaNet are revealing, the Battle of Kyhlo—a map you can play at the upcoming PAX and gamescom shows. Read the ArenaNet blog for a break down of the map, some general tactics and strategy, and how each class can help their team.

This may take a while to actually add to other pages, but I thought it would be more helpful gathered in one place. AnastashaRomanov (talk) 08:15, 14 April 2019 (UTC)