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PAX East is an annual gaming show that is held in Boston, Massachusetts, as the East Coast counterpart to the Penny Arcade Expo event; it's also hosted by the creators of the popular online comic, Penny Arcade.


The event was held between March 11th and March 13th. ArenaNet did not have a booth on the show floor,[1] but they did hold a Meet and Greet event on Friday, March 11th. During the event, there were 20 demo stations in which players could experience a new demo,[2] with new content in comparison to the demo premiered at the 2010 Gamescom event, featuring norn as a playable race and the guardian as a playable profession.[3] Eric Flannum mentioned that the new demo "was actually not that much extra effort for us on the development side of things to put together".[4]
ArenaNet employees also featured in some PAX East pannels: Colin Johanson, Jon Peters, Tirzah Bauer and others hosted the "Guild Wars 2 – Fantasy MMO Redefined" panel on March 12th, Colin was part of the panel "The Future of Online Games" on the same day, and Regina Buenaobra was part of two panels, "What the Heck is a Community Manager?" on March 11st and "One of Us" on March 13th.[2]

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