Subdirector Klein

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Subdirector Klein is a Consortium representative who sees potential in Moto's Super Adventure Box and wants to create a mass market version in homes across Tyria, intriguing Moto.


Maguuma Jungle

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Conversation with Moto
Subdirector Klein: You know, this is really something that you've come up with here. A valuable commodity, to be sure.
Subdirector Klein: I'm sure you've heard of our organization and what we can do for brilliant inventors like yourself.
Moto: The Super Adventure Box is my greatest achievement. I won't sell it to you or anyone else. I'd rather sell my heart!
Conversation with Legionnaire
Legionnaire: I'm keenly interested in potential military applications of that device.
Subdirector Klein: I see. And you're not worried that sort of use could make your cubs prone to violence?
Legionnaire: (chuckle) That would be the optimal outcome.
Followup conversation with Moto
Subdirector Klein: Friend, I think we had a misunderstanding earlier. I don't want to buy you out; I was thinking of it more as a franchise opportunity.
Subdirector Klein: I can imagine a Super Adventure Box in every corner of Tyria. Dare I say–in every home?
Moto: I–see. That's...kind. But for now, I want to keep my idea local, in the home of my people. Perhaps at a later date...
Subdirector Klein: Our door is always open. Keep us in mind, won't you?