Revenant (PvP)

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Revenant is a training NPC found in the Hall of Memories. She is used to test players against the revenant class.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Sword
    • Preparation Thrust Preparation Thrust
      • Brutal Blade Brutal Blade
        • Rift Slash Rift Slash
    • Precision Strike Precision Strike
    • Unrelenting Assault Unrelenting Assault
    • Duelist's Preparation Duelist's Preparation
    • Shackling Wave Shackling Wave
    • Deathstrike Deathstrike
  • Healing
    • Enchanted Daggers Enchanted Daggers
  • Utility
    • Phase Traversal Phase Traversal
    • Riposting Shadows Riposting Shadows
  • Elite
    • Jade Winds Jade Winds
  • Downed
    • Essence Sap Essence Sap
    • Forceful Displacement Forceful Displacement