Protect the Pact Siege Team as it sets up trebuchets

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Protect the Pact Siege Team as it sets up trebuchets

Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Pact Siege Team as it sets up trebuchets is a level 71 event in Squall Cusps within the Straits of Devastation that starts at Fort Trinity and ends at Thunderhead Battery.


  • Trebuchets built: x/4
  • Siege team members alive: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 11,613 Experience.png 338 Karma 79 Copper coin
Silver 9,872 Experience.png 287 Karma 67 Copper coin
Bronze 8,710 Experience.png 254 Karma 59 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 71 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
Siegemaster Denbi: We need to regain our camp in the south to keep the invasion moving forward.
Priory Ballastician: As soon as we get out siege weapons up and running, we can start bombarding the undead out.
Siegemaster Denbi: What are we waiting for, then? Let's get to work!
First trebuchet finished
Siegemaster Denbi: Excellent work, team. Three more to set up and we'll rain destruction on the enemy.
Second trebuchet 50% finished
Siegemaster Denbi: Halfway there! Keep working while I keep those Risen off your backs.
Second trebuchet finished
Siegemaster Denbi: Only one more to set up and we'll be ready to go.
Event completed
Siegemaster Denbi: Let's man these trebuchets and show the undead the power of the Pact.
Siegemaster Denbi: Our enemy has never met foes as fierce or determined. This is where their end begins!