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This text property describes which choice is required for a given personal story mission.

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A Different Dream +Where Life Goes  +
A Fork in the Road +Sorcerous Shaman  +
A Good Work Spoiled +Green Knight  +
A New Challenger +Revenge  +
A Pup's Illness +Guard the Mists  +
A Sad Duty +Letting an innocent die  +
A Sly Trick +Shield of the Moon  +
A Society Function +Nobility  +
A Sparkling Rescue +Synergetics  +
A Spy for a Spy +Ash Legion  +
A Trap Foiled +Protect the Spirits  +
A Vision of Darkness +Act With Wisdom  +
A Weapon of Legend +Defeat Our Ancient Foes  +
AWOL +Honorless Gladium  +
Accusation +Dead Sister  +
After the Storm +Act With Wisdom  +
Air Drop +Priory's Plan  +
Among the Kodan +Lost an Heirloom  +
An Unknown Soul +Where Life Goes  +
An Unusual Inheritance +Loyal Soldier  +
Any Sufficiently Advanced Science +Infinity Ball  +
Armor Guard +Vigil's Plan  +
Arson at the Orphanage +Commoner  +
Ashes of the Past +Unknown Parents  +
Assault on Moledavia +Blacked Out  +