PR&T Mini Ooze Projection

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PR&T Mini Ooze Projection

PR&T Mini Ooze Projection are small holographic oozes created by the asuran krewe working at PR&T Esoterics within Jeztar Falls.


Maguuma Jungle

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Assist PR&T Esoterics with ooze research (4)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Immobilizes
  • Poking the Projection will transform the ooze into a level 4, red, enemy ooze.
Skills (Only when transformed)
  • Ooze Mace - Long wind-up, heavy damage attack
  • Ooze Multi - Multi-hit, rapid attack that hits 4 times.
  • Power Spit - Ranged projectile attack
Stolen skills (Only when transformed)


The ooze seam
The PR&T krewe is collecting sludge from these projections. Its holographic field looks delicate
Talk more option tango.png Poke the ooze.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.


While the Oooze Projection has a checkered (untextured) appearance, it's overhead icon shows it as a red ooze.


  • All oozes have a side seam on them that is relatively unnoticeable, but due to the checkered appearance of the Ooze Projections, this seam is highly visible.