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Tizlak's Weapon Recipe Book

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Tizlak's Weapon Recipe Book

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Account Bound
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Double-click to choose a recipe for crafting gear with the Commander's stat combination.

— In-game description




Item TP buy price TP sell price
Recipe sheet ascended focus.png Recipe: Tizlak's Artifact
Recipe sheet ascended scepter.png Recipe: Tizlak's Wand
Recipe sheet ascended staff.png Recipe: Tizlak's Spire
Recipe sheet ascended trident.png Recipe: Tizlak's Trident
Recipe sheet ascended longbow.png Recipe: Tizlak's Greatbow
Recipe sheet ascended pistol.png Recipe: Tizlak's Revolver
Recipe sheet ascended rifle.png Recipe: Tizlak's Musket
Recipe sheet ascended short bow.png Recipe: Tizlak's Short Bow
Recipe sheet ascended harpoon gun.png Recipe: Tizlak's Harpoon Gun
Recipe sheet ascended torch.png Recipe: Tizlak's Brazier
Recipe sheet ascended warhorn.png Recipe: Tizlak's Herald
Recipe sheet ascended axe.png Recipe: Tizlak's Reaver
Recipe sheet ascended dagger.png Recipe: Tizlak's Razor
Recipe sheet ascended greatsword.png Recipe: Tizlak's Claymore
Recipe sheet ascended hammer.png Recipe: Tizlak's Warhammer
Recipe sheet ascended spear.png Recipe: Tizlak's Impaler
Recipe sheet ascended mace.png Recipe: Tizlak's Flanged Mace
Recipe sheet ascended shield.png Recipe: Tizlak's Bastion
Recipe sheet ascended sword.png Recipe: Tizlak's Blade
Recipe sheet exotic focus.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Conch
Recipe sheet exotic scepter.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Rod
Recipe sheet exotic staff.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Quarterstaff
Recipe sheet exotic trident.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Trident
Recipe sheet exotic harpoon gun.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Speargun
Recipe sheet exotic longbow.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Stinger
Recipe sheet exotic pistol.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Handcannon
Recipe sheet exotic rifle.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Blunderbuss
Recipe sheet exotic short bow.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Needler
Recipe sheet exotic torch.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Brazier
Recipe sheet exotic warhorn.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Siren
Recipe sheet exotic axe.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Reaver
Recipe sheet exotic dagger.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Carver
Recipe sheet exotic greatsword.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Broadsword
Recipe sheet exotic hammer.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Crusher
Recipe sheet exotic mace.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Bludgeoner
Recipe sheet exotic shield.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Shell
Recipe sheet exotic spear.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Impaler
Recipe sheet exotic sword.png Recipe: Commander's Pearl Sabre

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