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Ruka's Armor Recipe Book

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Ruka's Armor Recipe Book

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to choose a recipe for crafting gear with the Wanderer's stat combination.

— In-game description




  • The table below gives the trading post prices for the individual recipe sheets. If an API key is given, recipes your account has unlocked will be grayed out.

Recipe name TP buy price TP sell price
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Masque
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Pants
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Boots
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Helm
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Pauldrons
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Helm
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Boots
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Coat
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Gauntlets
Recipe: Wanderer's Draconic Legs
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Mantle
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Coat
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Coat
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Shoulders
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Gloves
Recipe: Wanderer's Exalted Gloves
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Pants
Recipe: Wanderer's Emblazoned Boots
Recipe: Ruka's Visor
Recipe: Ruka's Footwear
Recipe: Ruka's Visage
Recipe: Ruka's Masque
Recipe: Ruka's Doublet
Recipe: Ruka's Pauldrons
Recipe: Ruka's Warfists
Recipe: Ruka's Breastplate
Recipe: Ruka's Greaves
Recipe: Ruka's Tassets
Recipe: Ruka's Leggings
Recipe: Ruka's Grips
Recipe: Ruka's Striders
Recipe: Ruka's Shoulderguard
Recipe: Ruka's Wristguards
Recipe: Ruka's Breeches
Recipe: Ruka's Epaulets
Recipe: Ruka's Guise
Recipe: Ruka's Leather Breather
Recipe: Ruka's Metal Breather
Recipe: Ruka's Cloth Breather

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