Noble (The Crown Pavilion)

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Several human nobles can be found in the Crown Pavilion watching the ongoing fights.


Historical location[edit]


I'm not comfortable around those watchknights. Sure, they say whatever it was that let Scarlet take control of them has been fixed, but how do we know for sure?
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Rest easy. Queen Jennah and Countess Anise would never fall for the same trick twice.
I'm glad the watchknights are working properly again. The Crown Pavilion is too much fun to let Scarlet spoil it forever. Besides, it confirms the statement Queen Jennah was making about humanity.
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It also benefits Lion's Arch. Enjoy!
I heard the Ministry is up in arms about the watchknights' return. The Queen says she fixed them, but many ministers aren't convinced. They're calling for fewer watchknights and more Ministry Guard.
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I don't think that's necessary. And I doubt it's a solution Jennah would support.