Nightmare Tree

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Nightmare Tree


Nightmare Tree portrait.png


Nightmare Tree (Twilight Arbor story).jpg

The ungrown Nightmare Tree.

The Nightmare Tree is a treant cultivated by Faolain in Twilight Arbor that amplifies the darkest desires of the owner[1] and is described by some as being twisted, cruel, as if it was whittled out of hatred.[2] After Faolain was forced from the area, high ranking Nightmare Courtiers fought each other for control over the tree. After the tree was eventually destroyed, Morrigu claimed it has to be broken into pieces and burned to prevent anyone from reviving it.[3]


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Consume - Consumes a Nightmare Courtier to gain new abilities at the start of the fight.
  • Mass Root Eruption (Leurent's Path only)
  • Slam -
  • Summon Friends - Summons a number of Veteran Oakhearts (Vevina's Path only)
  • Summon Turrets - Summons a number of Sylvari Mortar Turrets
  • Summon Spiders (Fyonna's Path only)
  • Root Eruption - (Fyonna's Path only)


  1. ^ Warden Idon
    Warden Idon: When Faolain was driven out, she left behind a Nightmare Tree, an abomination that amplifies the darkest desires of the owner. Now Nightmare Courtiers seek it for their perverted causes.
  2. ^ Warden Idon
    <Character name>: Tell me more about the dark tree.
    Elite Prisoner: It's far into the arbor, secluded in a cove. It's unlike any tree I've seen. It seems twisted, cruel, as if it was whittled out of hatred.
  3. ^ Twilight Arbor (explorable)
    <Character name>: What about the Nightmare Tree?
    Morrigu: Like Leurent, it is no more. It will have to be broken into pieces and burned, just to make sure no one can revive it for their vile purposes.