Mystical Cog

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Mystical Cog.png

Mystical Cog

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Mystic item
Account Bound
Copper coin
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Mystical Cogs are no longer obtainable. Previously:

  • 100 for first completion of Tixx's Infinirarium each day during Wintersday 2012. If players take part in all 5 days, 500 Mystical Cogs will be obtained, enough to craft 2 of the 5 possible toy minipets.
  • 200 Mystical Cogs from the Wintersday chest in Lion's Arch. Players needed to speak with Toymaker Tixx in Lion's Arch or Heart of the Mists and open the chest beside him to receive their gifts. Due to a bug, the chest was removed and replaced with mail.
  • 250 Mystical Cogs from Toymaker Tixx's Gift in the mail from Toymaker Tixx during Wintersday 2012. Players who previously opened the chest will receive the reward again.

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Plush Griffon.png Plush Griffon DMasterwork Mystic Forge 0
Princess Doll.png Princess Doll DMasterwork Mystic Forge 0
Toy Golem.png Toy Golem DMasterwork Mystic Forge 0
Toy Soldier.png Toy Soldier DMasterwork Mystic Forge 0
Toy Ventari.png Toy Ventari DMasterwork Mystic Forge 0