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Mordremoth Experiment

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Mordremoth Experiment is minion of Mordremoth that was captured by Taimi to test her machine.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Explosive Projectiles
  • Bursting Bramble - Ranged auto-attack channeled over 3 seconds, firing 3 ground-based1 homing projectiles at nearby enemies each second. Each projectile stops upon reaching an enemy, dealing damage in an area of effect as vines burst through the ground. 1 second cast time. 1000 range. 150 radius. Cannot be reflected.
  • Shriek - The teragriff channels a point-blank area of effect attack over 4 seconds, dealing damage to foes and granting 2 stacks of Might.png Might for 4 seconds to allies every second. It will only use this skill if another teragriff is nearby, even including their corpses. 600 radius.
Stolen skills
1They can make larger elevation changes than most ground-based projectiles; however, they still can't hit targets standing on terrain at significantly higher or lower elevations.