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Model Zephyr Sanctum

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the collection item. For the gizmo, see Zephyr Sanctum Model.

Zephyr Sanctum Model.png

Model Zephyr Sanctum

Item type
A Crack in the Ice.png Cultural Attaché
Account Bound
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Model Zephyr Sanctum.jpg

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A souvenir of the Zephyrites. Bring this to Aurene to show her how Tyria cared for her before she was born.

Hint: When dusk fell upon the Zephyrites and the last gleam of moonglow lit their way, only prosperity could save them.

— In-game description


Vendor Section Area Zone Cost
Dusk (NPC) Dusk Tier 1 Prospect Valley Dry Top 10 Geode
Gleam Gleam Tier 1 Treadrock Uplands Dry Top 10 Geode
Moonglow Moonglow Tier 1 Challenger Cliffs Dry Top 10 Geode
Kiena Kiena (vendor currently unavailable) Tier 1 Prospect Valley Dry Top 10 Geode


  • This item can only be bought from Tier 1 merchants.
  • Use the Exalted Portal Stone obtained at the conclusion of the Precocious Aurene story to present the toys directly to her.