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Magnificent Chest (The Echovald Wilds)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the chest located in Quarry Forelands. For the chest that appears at the end of Defeat Prototype XJ-1, see Magnificent Chest (End of Dragons).
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Magnificent Chest

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Quarry Forelands
(The Echovald Wilds)
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The Magnificent Chest can be found in The Echovald Wilds. It can be opened once a day per account and is guarded by an Elite Speaker Assassin.



Getting there[edit]

There are several ways to reach this chest. The following routes are two of the most straightforward options to get there, depending on the masteries unlocked.

First route: with Zip Line, gliding and Springer

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Mori Village Waypoint, head west, exit the village and go north across the lake. Ignore the first Zip Line on the shore and go up the slope on your right until you find a second Zip Line. Take it, then climb the huge branch on your right until you hit the trunk. There, take a sharp right and squeeze through the split trunk. Make your way east across and to the end of the next branch. Hop on your Springer and jump on the top of the branch. From this higher point, glide north-east until you reach the ledge on which the chest can be found.

Second route: with Zip Lines and Skyscale (or Springer with  High Vault.png High Vault and  Bond of Faith.png Bond of Faith)

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Mori Village Waypoint, exit the village through the north. Cross the water until the exit, then take a right towards the first Zip Line and take it (beware of the group of Brotherhood foes guarding it). In front of you (facing west) you should be able to see the second Zip Line on a branch in the distance. Walk across the branches to reach it, and take it. Try to mount your Skyscale as soon as you reach the ledge, as the group of phoenixes can put you in combat. Fly vertically, facing the cliff directly in front of you, up to a small cavity. Use it to replenish your Skyscale's flight meter if needed, and to finish climbing the cliff up to the chest. It is also possible to perform this last step with the Springer by using Bond of Faith to reach the cavity.



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