List of vistas in Lornar's Pass

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Name of Vista Complete Area Nearest Waypoint Waypoint (map icon).png Description
Durmand Priory Vista Durmand Priory Durmand Priory Waypoint South of the Durmand Priory; can be accessed by jumping off the balcony of the Priory trading post and climbing the rocks. Or go south just before the stairs to the priory and climb your way to the vista.
Chillwing Perch Vista Chillwing Perch Pinnacle Enclave Waypoint East of the Mistriven Waypoint, North of the Pinnacle waypoint, on top of the mountain. Start on the slightly concaved,east side of the mountain(about the middle north-south wise). Start by jumping on the snowy area from a crack between 2 boulders, there should be an Arctodus right next to this point. The vista is easily visible after you are on the snowy area. Head towards the vista and walk along the spine of the mountain. When nearing the final gap, use a speed boost and jump to the vista.
Nentor Valley Vista Nentor Valley Nentor Waypoint East of the fort in Nentor Valley. On the top of the mountain. Start on the northwest side of the mountain, north of the vista. Jump zig-zag up the mountain, beware of the raptor at the entrance of the jump.
Icebound Plunge Vista False River Valley Lamentation Waypoint Overlooks the Icebound Plunge and Molevon Mountain. The starting point is located in the Lake of Lamentation on the north side of the vista itself. There are rock stairs to the vista starting from the dredge tunnel entrance north of the nearby hero challenge. Note that there are two entrances on the east side of the mountain, this is the northern one. The path to the vista is on the left if you are facing the entrance to the dredge tunnel.
Jetsam Isle Vista False Lake False Lake Waypoint The vista on Jetsam Isle is next to Ingaborge. Just walk the plank.
Cascade Bridge Vista False Lake Guutra's Homestead Waypoint North of Guutra's Homestead Waypoint and east of Jetsam Isle's vista. It is on the very top of the mountain. East of the mountain is a scout Bludow. Start climbing the slope near him counterclockwise. When you are north of the vista, start jumping up the sleek rock walls clockwise. Continue climbing using the stonesteps.
Venison Pass Vista Venison Pass Vanjir's Stead Waypoint

South east of Vanjir's Stead Waypoint. You need to start walking the small mountain trail east of the buildings starting NE of the equipment repairs. There is a veteran ettin and behind him you find an even smaller trail on the west slope of the mountain. This way you will avoid most of the ettins. You can also walk the main trail and transfer to the smaller trail southern. Once you are looking south at the vista and it looks like you hit a dead end, jump down onto a ledge and follow it left until you are at another dead end. The tall rock that is now between you and the vista can be climbed. Climb over the wall and walk the rest of the way.

Demon's Maw Vista Demon's Maw Demon's Maw Waypoint When you are at Demon's Maw Waypoint, fall down from the south cliff. There is an almost invisible step. Then, use the outwards pointing rocks as steps towards the vista.
Icedevil's Needle Vista Icedevil's Needle Icedevil's Needle Waypoint Moving through the mine, the vista is atop a tall shoring post. It is accessible via the stairs and ramp to the north side of the vista.
Marionette's Landing Vista False River Valley False River Waypoint Run over the marionette's torso, jump on the upright cog next to the sword, then jump on the cog in the sword's hilt and run up its grip.