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KiLL-BOT900 is Vexa's personal golem and bodyguard.



Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat Vexa and her golem (71)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Frost Spin - Stretches its arms out and spins around in a circle, Chilled.png chilling nearby foes and dealing massive damage.
  • Jump - KiLL-BOT900 launches into the air, damaging and Burning.png Burning foes at its location with its jets.
    • Land - After jumping, KiLL-BOT900 comes crashing down on another platform, damaging and Launch.png launching foes where it lands. Also shatters adjacent holographic panels in the arena.
  • Rocket Fist - Launches its fist out and withdraws it in a cloud of lightning, Pull.png pulling foes in a wide cone. Foes are Knockdown.png knocked down at the end of the pull, and may be momentarily Stun.png stunned during the pull, too.
  • Smash - Smashes the ground in a large cone in front of it, damaging and Knockdown.png knocking down foes. Also shatters holographic panels in the same cone.
Stolen skills