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Interactive map (Upper level)

Jerafim is an armorsmith vendor who sells level 60 human cultural armor for coin.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Level Cost
Falconer's Boots.png Falconer's Boots Medium boots 60 80 Silver coin
Falconer's Coat.png Falconer's Coat Medium coat 60 Gold coin
Falconer's Mask.png Falconer's Mask Medium helm 60 Gold coin
Falconer's Gloves.png Falconer's Gloves Medium gloves 60 80 Silver coin
Falconer's Leggings.png Falconer's Leggings Medium leggings 60 Gold coin 50 Silver coin
Falconer's Shoulderpads.png Falconer's Shoulderpads Medium shoulders 60 Gold coin
Avenger's Footgear.png Avenger's Footgear Heavy boots 60 80 Silver coin
Avenger's Armor.png Avenger's Armor Heavy coat 60 Gold coin
Avenger's Helm.png Avenger's Helm Heavy helm 60 Gold coin
Avenger's Gauntlets.png Avenger's Gauntlets Heavy gloves 60 80 Silver coin
Avenger's Chausses.png Avenger's Chausses Heavy leggings 60 Gold coin 50 Silver coin
Avenger's Shoulderplates.png Avenger's Shoulderplates Heavy shoulders 60 Gold coin
Aristocrat's Shoes.png Aristocrat's Shoes Light boots 60 80 Silver coin
Aristocrat's Coat.png Aristocrat's Coat Light coat 60 Gold coin
Aristocrat's Masque.png Aristocrat's Masque Light helm 60 Gold coin
Aristocrat's Livery.png Aristocrat's Livery Light gloves 60 80 Silver coin
Aristocrat's Pants.png Aristocrat's Pants Light leggings 60 Gold coin 50 Silver coin
Aristocrat's Epaulets.png Aristocrat's Epaulets Light shoulders 60 Gold coin


If not human
Who are you? I can't sell to you. Can't be too careful who you associate with these days.
Talk end option tango.png Do I make you nervous? Fine.