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Injii is a resident of Quarryside.



Some people think these lands are no longer worth fighting for, but these are my lands. This is my place. And before the treaty between the Lionguard and centaur, it was safe here.
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What do you mean?
My family has lived and died in these hills for generations. As long as I draw breath, there is no way I'm leaving, no matter how many centaurs are bearing down on us.
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Tell me about Rhundall.
Ah, my brute of a husband. He's a good man, just rough around the edges. He was a miner before he hurt his back in a centaur raid. Now he farms as best he can, though it's not much.
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What's going on here?
The mine has become a strategic point in the war. Both the Seraph centaur need it for weapon production, so we're caught in the middle.
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That must be hard.