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Used to display any icons related to events. Usually called by {{event}}.

{{event icon|<name>}}


unnamed parameter
Required. For all the available options, see the tables below. If set equal to "misc", the template accepts a second (the icon) and third parameter (the link target).


{{event icon|star}} → Event star (tango icon).png

Available parameter values[edit]

Standard values[edit]

Value Icon
boss Event boss (tango icon).png
cog Event cog (tango icon).png
collect Event collect (tango icon).png
fist Event fist (tango icon).png
flag Event flag (tango icon).png
hero Hero point.png
shield Event shield (tango icon).png
star Event star (tango icon).png
swords Event swords (tango icon).png
wrench Event wrench (map icon).png
flag green Event flag green.png
flag red Event flag red.png
success Talk more option tango.png
failure Talk more option tango red.png
back Talk back option tango.png
boss2 Event boss 2 (map icon).png
swords2 Event swords 2 (map icon).png
red shield Red Shield.png
red cog Event cog red (map icon).png
red collect Event collect red (map icon).png
red star Event star red (map icon).png
invasion Invasion (map icon).png
red boss Red Boss.png
red swords Invasion (map icon).png
blue boss3 Blue Boss3.png
green boss3 Green Boss3.png
red boss3 Red Boss3.png
scarlet white boss Prime Hologram.png
gather Event gather (map icon).png
hand Event hand (map icon).png
dialogue Event dialogue (map icon).png
wave Event wave (map icon).png
coffin Event coffin (map icon).png
vine Event vine (map icon).png
thorn wall Event thorn wall (map icon).png
inquest cannon Event inquest cannon (map icon).png
rift Rift (map icon).png
pod Event pod (map icon).png
dragon Event dragon (map icon).png
mordremoth Event mordremoth (map icon).png
blue/red/purple/yellow dolyak Supply Bull Blue Oasis.png
badge Badge (map icon).png
captive Prisoner.png
trial of koda Trial of Koda.png

Use {{event flag}} for displaying colored flags.

World v World[edit]

Value Icon
camp Event Camp.png
caravan Event Caravan.png
keep Event Keep.png
poleaxes Event poleaxes.png
ruin Event poleaxes.png
sentry Event Sentry.png
tower Event Tower.png
commander Commander tag (blue).png

Guild missions[edit]

Value Icon
bounty Guild Bounty (map icon).png
race Guild Race (map icon).png
challenge Guild Challenge (map icon).png


Value Icon
legendary weapon Legendary Weapons (achievements).png
pumpkin Event pumpkin (map icon).png
wintersday Event Wintersday.png
special Special event (map icon).png
special2 Special event 2 (map icon).png