Frenzy (NPC effect)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC effect. For other uses, see Frenzy (disambiguation).

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Effect type
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Attacking faster and for more damage.

— In-game description

Frenzy is an effect most commonly seen on Risen Abominations that increases attack, skill, and movement speed as well as damage dealt. One stack is applied each time the creature hits an enemy with an attack or skill, refreshing the effect's duration and stacking up to 25. If an attack is blocked, evaded, prevented, dodged, or missed then a stack of Frenzy will not be applied. Every stack increases the outgoing damage by 5% for a total of 3.38x more damage on 25 stacks.


  • If a creature under this effect misses any of its attacks four consecutive times, it will lose all stacks and be stunned for 5 seconds. This stun bypasses defiance.

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