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Fianna is a noblewoman living in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke. She is happy about the treaty and the peace it brought, and hopes for the Separatists to be soon dealt with as to not disrupt the peace.



Do you hear that? No warcries, no crash of stones hitting the walls. Just normal city life. We may not have Ascalon, but this peace is enough for me. I just wish it was enough for everyone.
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Who has a problem with the peace?
The separatists. They hate the treaty and anyone working for peace between the humans and charr. They'll stop at nothing to continue the war, from covering the walls with propaganda to violence.
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Who are they attacking?
Anyone they deem as one of the "queen's puppets." I've been chased through the markets by an armed mob wearing Separatist colors. The Ebon Vanguard better get them under control before it's too late.
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I'll watch out for them. Thanks.
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Thanks for the warning.
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During Defeat the escaped Separatist Leader
Be careful. One of our prisoners was a Separatist leader, and his friends just broke him out of hail. Now, they're terrorizing everyone on the street!
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I'll take down this Separatist leader. Where is he?
Right down these stairs. Last I saw, he has a lot of Separatists backing him up.
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Not interested