Escort Pact troops and equipment to Wren

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Escort Pact troops and equipment to Wren

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort Pact troops and equipment to Wren is a level 76 dynamic event that occurs in Malchor's Leap.

The event will spawn after the successful completion of either the Help Pact troops establish a camp at Hope Falls or the Defend the Pact soldiers at Hope Falls events.

The event begins at the Pact camp near Hope Falls (Valley of Lyss Waypoint) in the Valley of Lyss. The escort continues along a northwestern direction, ending south of Wren in the Garden of Ilya. The event has two parts. First, the Pact troops are escort through the Valley of Lyss. Then four risen guards spawn which must be defeated. When successfully completed, the troops continue to Wren and construct a small tent outside of the camp.


  • Equipment escort members: x/5
  • Undead guards killed: x/4


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 15,068 Experience.png 360 Karma 84 Copper coin
Silver 12,808 Experience.png 306 Karma 71 Copper coin
Bronze 11,301 Experience.png 270 Karma 63 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 76 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.






Event start
Whispers Creator: I expect trouble as we move into the valley. Things could get rough down there.
Vigil Crusader: We can handle it. We'll set up turrets as we go and push through to Wren.
Along the route, when the Whispers Creator sets up a Pact Turret
Whispers Creator: This should help anyone else coming though this area.
Whispers Creator: (laugh) That'll be a nice surprise for some Orrian creature.
Nearing Wren
Veteran Risen Village Guard: The land, the village—all of it belongs to Zhaitan now.
Veteran Risen Village Guard: He empowers us to protect it!
After defeating the village guards and completing the event
Whispers Creator: Okay, last one. Now let's hurry on to Wren!
When the NPCs reach Wren
Whispers Creator: This seems like a secure location. Good cover. We're on the road.
Whispers Creator: Let's camp here. We'll head out with the main force in the morning.