Escort troops and equipment to the Hope Falls checkpoint

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Escort troops and equipment to the Hope Falls checkpoint

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort troops and equipment to the Hope Falls checkpoint is a level 76 dynamic event that occurs in Malchor's Leap. The event is the first in a series of events to establish a Pact camp near Hope Falls (uncontesting the Valley of Lyss waypoint), although the event can spawn if the camp is already established. If the camp already exist, the event Help Pact troops establish a camp at Hope Falls will not spawn.

The event begins at Pagga's Post in the Theater of Delight. The escort continues along the southern edge of Malchor's Leap, ending at the bridge near Hope Falls is the Valley of Lyss.


  • Equipment escort members: x/5


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 15,068 Experience.png 360 Karma 84 Copper coin
Silver 12,808 Experience.png 306 Karma 71 Copper coin
Bronze 11,301 Experience.png 270 Karma 63 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 76 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before event start
Vigil Crusader: Why are we leaving so many soldiers behind?
Whispers Creator: Our priority is getting these turret supplies to the base in Wren. The order uses small groups for such missions.
Vigil Crusader: All right. We’ll try it your way—until Wren. Now, let's not waste any more time.
During the event
(Moving west)
Female Voice: Help me! Help!
Vigil Crusader: Someone's in trouble. I'm going in.
Whispers Creator: Wait! Don't charge in blindly!
(Slightly further west)
Risen Farmer: "Help!" Ahaahahaha. "Heeeeeeelp!" Hahahaha.
Whispers Creator: Come on. We'll push forward through the farmlands.
(Approaching bridge near Hope Falls)
Whisper Creator: There are the falls. We need to cross that ravine.
Vigil Crusader: Look there! Orrian eagles. We'll have to fight them off before we can cross.
Successful Event - Hope Falls camp not established
Whispers Creator: We made it to the falls. Let's clear out that cave up ahead and make camp.
Successful Event - Hope Falls camp established, but Defend the Pact soldiers at Hope Falls is occurring
Vigil Crusader: That's a Pact camp ahead. It's under attack!
Successful Event - Hope Falls camp established
Whispers Creator: I can't travel another step. I'm too tired to fight even an Orrian chicken right now.
Lightbringer Mekka: Go inside and rest. We've got the camp under control.